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This country is one of the favoured destinations amongst international students for pursuing an MBBS degree. Colleges in Russia often occupy 30 highest ranks among the highest 1000 ranking medical colleges across the world as prescribed by the World Health Organisation. The majority of international students choose their favoured MBBS course to study in Russia because of the subsidized fee structure. Here, international students could get qualitative education at affordable and reasonable fees. In the 57 medical renowned colleges in Russia, the faculty ratio lies 7:1 and from these, only 12 medical colleges offer MBBS courses in the English language.

There has been a rapid growth in the count of students coming to study in Russia over the past ten years. The recognition to all the medical colleges in Russia is given by the World Health Organisation as well as Medical Councils of leading countries. At length, the students coming to study in Russia in the medical colleges could be a good option for their career.

Why Study In Russia

The several benefits of studying in Russia makes it attractive for international students to study in Russia in medical universities in Russia. Mentioned below are the reasons why a student should go for study in Russia:

  • Outstanding Acceptance Rate:
  • IELTS/ TOEFL Not Required:
  • Scholarships Available:
  • Hands-On Experience:
  • No Donation or Any Entrance Exams required:
  • Low Tuition fees:
  • Universally recognized institutes:
  • Adaptive Classes:

Medical Education System In Russia

The medical courses in Russia are thus available in both Russian and English languages. Students get an opportunity to study in either of the languages if they meet the eligibility which has been determined by the colleges in Russia. Russian medical courses are different from the other countries’ medical education.

In English medium, the MBBS course length is 6 years to study in Russia and on the contrary, for the Russian language, the course duration is 7 years which adds one year of Russian language training.

Life In Russia

Russians are welcoming and hospitable people and are hostile with the foreigners and treat them as their family. Russia could serve many benefits to foreigners which might include top quality education as it is a developed country.

The climate of Russia is extremely cold for Indians typically because India does not experience such cold weather but the value of living in Russia is quite affordable. Apart from this, education is also offered at a reasonable cost and the education of Russia helps students get globally recognised degrees that enable international students to get jobs worldwide. In addition to this, learning the Russian language is advised for an honest experience.

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