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Why Study in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a nation that spends a lot on its own citizens as well as international students that have been enrolled in its eight world class universities which provide high quality education to its students. The students enrolled in these universities are on par with the remainder of the globe. In order to study in New Zealand, the notion is substantiated by the fact that among 8 universities of New Zealand considered as top class, any one of them are within the top 3 percent of rank universities globally.

This country is identified as cheap and cost-effective to study in New Zealand which is approximately 18 percent cheaper than Australian education and nearly 36 percent cheaper than Canada.

Education system prevailing in New Zealand

Three kinds of universities in New Zealand are there that could be available for tertiary education of children that includes:

  • Universities: These universities in New Zealand offer higher education to citizens as well as international students which includes programs generally academic instead of offering vocational courses. All the eight work ranked universities in New Zealand remained the top 100 universities having at least one subject.
  • Institute of Technology and Polytechnics:These specifically offer vocational degree courses to learners.
  • These provide students with vocational training particularly at either certificate and diploma level.

Opting for a course at university in New Zealand

There are several aspects behind why choose an institute for New Zealand study visa which includes employability and reputation amongst recruiters. If you wish to opt a course namely Art and 3D animation, the requirement of which is to get a portfolio of his/her work present to the tutors once they urge to admit it. Moreover, for business management and film making, study in New Zealand is recognised as the simplest destination to study. Moreover, agriculture, technology and viticulture are also offered by universities in New Zealand which have specific requirements in terms of a degree that an individual has got to be inducted into the relevant academic course.

Living expenses to study in New Zealand

To study in New Zealand, the initial expense related to residing in the country will be the tuition fees that incurs an individual’s stay in the country. Apart from this aspect, the second most essential cost to be considered is the rent of the accommodation that has to be paid by the international student who has come to study in New Zealand. On an average, separate from schooling and accommodation expenses, certain other costs also have to be considered by the international student while coming to study in New Zealand which is 1250 New Zealand dollars and covers groceries, telephonic bills along with associate living expenses per month. Thus, in Indian rupees, it amounts nearly 60,000 rupees.

In order to maintain these expenses while study in New Zealand, a student could engage himself into informal work which accounts for 20 hours a week in the full-time study period and 40 hours every week during holidays. For working during holidays, the student has to provide an undertaking from the university which should state that a student is allowed to work 40 hours per week during their holidays.

These working hours are permitted for a number of tertiary courses provided by the universities in New zealand for New Zealand student visa. PhD and Master’s degree study in New Zealand allows a student to work full time which could help him to pay his tuition fees, making the course less expensive for him as compared to other Master’s or graduate programs.

In addition to this, the fees structure of students pursuing graduate degree programs in New zealand is quite steep as compared to PhD level programs where the fees is quite expensive. The undergraduate program generally ranges between 22,000 to 32,000 New Zealand dollars annually on an average along with providing better fees structure for subjects like medicine and veterinary science. On the contrary, the postgraduate programs range between 26,000 to 37,000 New Zealand dollars annually.

Life in terms of health and safety

In terms of beauty and peace, the country acts as a wholesome country and ranks at the second position with regard to this aspect. The people of the country are genuine and hospitable and here, international students could get any sort of help if they would need it.

In order to study in New Zealand, every university and college in New Zealand keeps faculty related to the international students who could make them familiar with the environment and also stress-free.

Adding more, the country features a moderate climate. Thus, this temperature includes subtropical weather in the far North during summers and South Island experiences more a cold temperature of nearly -10 C in the winter season. The temperature of New Zealand is generally mild temperature along with having moderate rainfall and abundant sunshine as well.

Moreover, the country is thought to be an excellent travel destination and the international students coming to study in New Zealand explore the geography of the place. As the country lies within the hemisphere, the temperature specifically decreases as individual moves towards the South region whereas the Northern part is subtropical. Here, the months like December, January and February are the warmest months and June, July and August are the coldest months

A couple of students prefer staying at the university accommodation and this on-campus accommodation is generally cheaper and in-demand and for rented accommodation, it seems quite expensive and difficult to search.

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