Study in Japan

Here are several reasons why to study in Japan which includes cultural experience. Japan has a strong influence on Western as well as American culture and has one foot firmly rooted in East Asian culture. Apart from this, study in Japan could offer truly unique culture that does not resemble anything else.

Additionally, Japanese pop culture attracts many men around the globe. The majority of learners learn their first Hiragana characters after reading Japanese Manga.

Apart from this, Japan is the home to many world’s leading technologies and car companies including Sony, Canon, Nikon, Hitachi, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan etc. Even going to a toilet in Japan might be a technological experience. Moreover, the country for study in Japan also has a very traditional society where jobs are written manually and salaries are paid in cash to the workers.

The country is recognised as a very safe country for study in Japan having low crime rates and the people of Japan are generally polite. In return, they also expect you to behave in the same manner. In addition to that, Japanese service is said to be the best across the world, and you are not at all required to pay a tip. Also, the food offered is excellent, even if you go to a cheap restaurant and could buy some discounted ready-made food in the evenings.

The visitor will find many things to do in the country once they get to know the place and explore new things after getting enough knowledge of the language. No other place could offer a visitor such kind of food and service along with such unlimited shopping and crazy activities in a safe as well as a polite environment.

The Japanese Education System

Study in Japan has got one of the most highly educated along with skilled populations in the world. This is the reason behind the country’s post-war economic takeoff and rapid growth.

In Japan, there are public as well as private universities at all levels starting from the Kindergarten to University level of education. Here, public institutions charge very affordable tuition fees for Japan student visa. Apart from this, job opportunities are closely related to university degrees.

International education in Japan

For study in Japan, the country is experiencing a super- ageing society consisting of a shrinking population. Thus, the nation is quite ambitious in terms of international education and scholarships in Japan to attract foreign scholars and replenish the decrementing domestic workforce.

Although to study in Japan, many universities have commenced providing some programs and courses in the English language as well where the Japanese language still remains an essential part of social integration, cultural assimilation to academic as well as professional interaction.

The language schools of Japan for Japan student visa particularly help the foreign nationals to prepare their minds culturally as well as socially in order to let it function in their society to pursue higher levels of education and to be a part of the employment market of Japan.

Institutions in Japan offering English courses

The college in Japan offers four years of undergraduate programs, 2 years of graduate programs and almost 3-4 years of PhD level programmes. The academic year of college in Japan commences in the month of April and finishes in March along with the summer vacation from mid-July at the beginning of September and the winter vacation from the end of December to the starting of January.

The highest-ranked universities of Japan are Tohoku University, Kyoto University and the University of Tokyo.

Most of the programs offered by the college in Japan are being taught in the Japanese Language but these days these colleges in Japan have started offering courses in the English language for international scholars particularly. But only a few programmes of Bachelor level are offered in the English language for international students.

Fees structure in Japan

Colleges in Japan generally charge an admission fee in the first year of the studies and need to pay a certain amount of tuition fees and other smaller fees every semester to study in Japan. A unique Japanese law regulates to study in Japan that all the tuition fees of the institutions offer the same fees structure for domestic students as well as for international students.

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