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Italy has been regarded as Europe’s favourite and the only boot-shaped nation. This country is diverse in beauty and nature. Moreover, in order to study in Italy, you could have access to a fantastic array of cultural, historic as well as touristic heritage sites.

University Italy has been esteemed with a wide and good range of fantastic academic institutions spread throughout the country wherein international students are warmly welcomed. In addition to that, the country has played a crucial role in academics, fostering the reform of European education through the Bologna Process of education.

Education in Italy

University Italy is a number of the oldest universities in Europe and across the world, namely, the University of Bologna was founded in 1088, the University of Padua in 1222 and the University of Naples in 1224.

Since the year 1999, the education system in university Italy has followed the Bologna system. Moreover, the 3-cycle system here in university Italy’s education system means you will graduate from the university Italy with either a bachelor’s or master’s qualification after 5 years of your education.

In order to study in Italy at University Italy, you will experience just the academic life. Moreover, Italians are well known for being social and by making just a little effort to find out students in Italy will end up making friends with locals in no time. From breathtaking nature to countless museums as well as theatres and exciting nightlife in even the smallest town of Italy.

Getting into a world of university Italy takes certain along with careful research and thus, we have compiled each and every aspect you want to understand forming the experience as smooth as possible for you.

Student accommodation and Cost of living in Italy

The housing of students in Italy is usually managed by the international office at the university Italy. These accommodations offices thus give knowledge on renting apartments which are generally cheaper than the value of searching for housing on the private market in Italy. In addition to this, it is always advised to contact the institution to verify the fact that if any housing guarantees that they provide it for international students. This might sound more convenient than tackling the private rental market.

It’s normal that students rent a place for staying rather than renting an entire apartment and share it with their other friends who come here to study in Italy. In Italy, student housing is costlier in bigger cities and might range between 300 to 600 euros a month, specifically depending upon the area you choose to live in.

Language in Italy

Italian is the official language spoken in Italy, though there remains a presence of regional dialects peppered across the country especially in the Southern parts of the nation. Moreover, the languages that are spoken by the minority are German, French, Ladino, Slovene.

The part of the study abroad experience which you will gain in the country itself might include its regional language as well, which may be a good way to know the local customs and culture and meet new people in the most immersive way possible. Apart from this, many young people in Italy speak English very fluently. In order to gain new insights into the local culture, the best way is to learn the local language.

Entry requirements of the university Italy

There are several entry requirements that students should confine in their minds while applying for study in Italy at any level be it bachelors, masters or PhD in a university Italy. Following written are the easy steps to manage the right application to a university Italy.For Bachelor’s Studies

In order to fulfil the entry requirements for a bachelor’s degree at a university Italy, the student must fulfil the needs successfully which includes a completed higher secondary education certificate along with a valid school leaving certificate, Ensure that many of the bachelor’s level programs in Italy are only offered in Italian and the learning will have to ameliorate his language skills through a licensed language test certificate so as to be accepted to the program of choice.For Master Studies

With regard to studying in Italy for an academic degree at a university Italy, the student is required to have a relevant bachelor or any other equivalent qualification certificate. A lot of universities in Italy offer a wider breadth of programs in the English language as well as the Master’s level of education. If the student has not done his previous studies in the English language, then they are required to present their English language test be it IELTS or TOEFL.

As a part of entry requirements to study in Italy, the applicant is required to submit all the prescribed documents for study in Italy while applying for the program of choice understudy in Italy.

  • The identified document be it passport or EU identity card
  • Academic transcript of your previous studies
  • University application form
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Personal statement
  • Proof of language skills

Depending on the institution along with the language documents that are written, the student to study in Italy will even have to provide a licensed translation of the documents into the Italian language.

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