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Our courses train the professional profiles most requested by the job market.  The educational offer, delivered in English, gives the opportunity to achieve a degree recognized throughout world and, therefore, to access larger employment opportunities also in the international area. Studying in the most worldwide spoken language will open you the doors to a world of opportunities, enrich your cultural background and help you advance in your future career

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Studying in the most worldwide spoken language will open you the doors to a world of opportunities, enrich your cultural background and help you advance in your future career.

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Accredited and recognized online programmes from Pegaso International Malta 


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Bachelor in Business Administration

The online Three-year Degree Course in Business Administration offers training that meet the needs of different types of companies. The skills acquired by graduates during their studies can, in fact, be flexibly adapted to the majority of requests coming from the world of work. This degree course offers the possibility for students to acquire diversified skills both in the organizational-management and administrative-financial and credit fields.

Bachelor in Sport Sciences

The online Three-year Degree Course in Sport Sciences aims to provide students with knowledge and skills suitable for managing and evaluating individual and group activities of a compensatory, adapted, educational, recreational and playful nature. This course includes a first academic year aimed at the acquisition of anatomical, biochemical and physiological knowledge in order to understand how basically the human body in motion works.

Bachelor in Educational Seciences

The online Three-year Degree Course in Educational Sciences is aimed at acquiring fundamental knowledge and methodological skills concerning pedagogical and methodological-didactic knowledge, along with basic knowledge and skills, appropriately well-structured and divided into philosophical, psychological, sociological, and anthropological fields, focused on a general understanding of educational issues, under the theoretical and methodological points of view.

Bachelor in Civil Engineering

The area of interest for the online Three-year Degree Course in Civil Engineering is construction (civil and industrial buildings, remarkable construction projects such as bridges, dams, tunnels, etc.) and infrastructures (roads and transportation, supply, distribution and disposal of water systems, etc.). In this field, the Civil Engineer deals with the design and construction of works and takes care of their operation, maintenance, detection and control. In recent years, in the common matrix of the Civil Engineering sector, has been increasingly developing the demand for specialized professional figures.

Pegaso International Malta

Our courses are developed for online learning and combine high quality teaching with the use of technologies, allowing you to study wherever you are
High Quality Didactic Materials • The courses are delivered on the e-learning platform, • property of Pegaso International, • available from any device, • 24/7 and 100% student-friendly. Learning and Support • Our online courses allow you to work in a unique virtual learning environment • The online platform allows you to virtually attend the lessons and to actively participate in forums and live chats.