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Global Training Consultants

Global Training Consultants is a leading training company with experience of delivering a broad range of interpersonal skills, leadership, Accounting & Finance, sales and people management training for participants at operative to senior management level in a wide range of industries and sectors including Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Entertainment, Hospitality, IT, Finance, Education and the Telecom.

Our qualified and experienced training consultants work with our clients to ascertain their real training and development needs and provide interactive training programmes that fit seamlessly with their organisation’s requirements and culture. Within these training programmes we offer the use of advance tools, a coaching service, produce self-managed learning resources and facilitate group learning through the use of training courses and team building events. We provide training consultancy services in Canada, UAE, Europe, Malaysia, Pakistan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Africa.

Who We Are

GTC Training & Consulting is an independent multinational firm with more than 15 years of experience in the fields of management and human resources. Since 1997, we have been successfully providing our clients with business and professional solutions, as well as expertise in the organization, management and development of human resources

GTC offers an impressive range of training, consulting and research services. Our experienced multilingual consultants provide these services to a large number of organizations, both private and public. We pride ourselves on our track record and long-standing relationships with our clients, many of whom have been with us since we started business


Our vision is to be a leading training provider and consultancy that helps our clients with sustainable solutions which accelerate their growth and develop their potential to regional and world class competitiveness in a fast changing and dynamic environment. To be the most trusted learning & development partner by our clients. To be recognised among the great places to work.


To offer differentiated learning & development products and services that add value to our clientsTo build long term partnerships with our clients by being centred around their needs and delivering quality work in the most cost effective manner, every time. To invest in building sustainable relationships with our employees as well as our partners, business associates and vendors.


• Customer focus • Result orientation • Ethical practices • Team work • Mutual respect


Give a huge boost to your employee skills features specially designed training for increased effeciency of orgnisation perforemance .

Our Team

our consultants demonstrate skills that offer concrete and specific information to help solve a problem or improve a process for a business. Employee can develop these skills in the course of employee career experience by actively pursuing personal opportunities to learn and improve your business acumen.


Muhammad Arshad

E-mail: arshad@globalou.com
whatsApp: +60176500128
CEO/Head of Marketing

Dr. Arif Mahmood

E-mail: arif@globalou.com
Whatsapp: +1 612 888 4008
Training Manager

Malik Taimoor

whatsapp: +60176501214
Sales Manager

Get professional advice for your orgnisation

Our Professional Consultant will likely spend your days gathering data, formulating a strategy and presenting a plan to businesses seeking your advice. Here is a list of skills that help you with all of those steps:
• Creative thinking • Thinking conceptually and practically • Problem-solving • Communicating clearly and empathetically • Collaboration with all job levels • Organization and time management • Curiosity • Credibility
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Training Session
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