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 Annual Monitoring Courses*

GOU will understand the importance of monitoring on an annual basis their programmes of study, to assure themselves of their continuing quality and relevance.

Academic Progress Policy*

The purpose of the Academic Progress Policy is to set out our approach to monitoring and assessing academic progress made by students. GOU believes the monitoring of student progress is an important enabling and proactive strategy to assist students in achieving their learning potential. 

Assessment Policy*

Assessment is a vital part of the learning and teaching process. In addition to providing a measure of the students’ achievement on qualification-based courses, it also provides diagnostic information that assists both staff and students in the ongoing improvement of the learning and teaching process.

Academic Appeals Procedure*

The academic appeals procedure describes the way in which students may make representation about decisions made by the lecturer on any piece of assessment which has been marked and graded. If the student is dissatisfied with an assessment decision then they do have a right of appeal.

GOU Academic Misconduct Policy*

The following are dishonest and therefore unacceptable and not allowed by the GOU: (a) Taking someone else’s work, images or ideas and passing it off as your own (This is called plagiarism), (b) Using the computer, either the internet, or information stored on a hard or floppy disk which belongs to someone else, and passing it off as your own, (c) Cheating, that is, acting unfairly or dishonestly to gain an advantage and (d) Secretly agreeing with others to cheat or deceive (This is known as collusion).

GOU Rules*

The University has policies, procedures and rules to make sure that all our students get a good experience, enjoy their time with GOU, and have the best chance of success.

Conflicts of Interest Policy*

GOU recognises that personal relationships may exist or develop within the GOU. The University values and relies upon the professionalism and integrity of its staff and students; should an employee conduct such a relationship, his/her behaviour must be appropriate.

Disciplinary Procedure*

The basic responsibility for maintaining discipline and ensuring satisfactory attendance and performance lies with individual module lecturers who may at any time discuss informally with the student any minor breach of conduct or unsatisfactory performance. 

Data Protection Policy*

Global Open University is committed to a policy of protecting the rights and privacy of individuals (which includes students, staff and others) in accordance to rules and regulation.

Ethics Policy*

The Code of Ethics lays down general principles which can be used to determine action, which will conform to the standards and values expected in GOU

External Examiners Policy and Procedure*

This document defines policy and provides guidance for the appointment and role of external examiners for programmes where the GOU Council (subject to the GOUC decision’s requirements) to appoint the external examiners.

First Aid Policy*

The Health and Safety (First Aid) set out the essential aspects of first aid which the GOU/Centre, as an employer, must provide. This policy has been prepared to assist the GOU in ensuring that it remains compliant with the Rules and Regulations.

Feedback on Assessment Policy*

The role of feedback in the learning process is to “inform the student of where and how their learning and performance can be improved. Feedback on learning can come from fellow students, lecturers, staff supporting the learning process such as demonstrators or the student themselves”.

General Complaints Procedure*

If you are unhappy with the way you have been treated or with the service we have provided then talk to the member of GOU staff who is responsible or who is involved in the problem. 

Health and Safety Policy*

It is the policy of GOU, to conduct its activities so that prime consideration is given to the health and safety of its employees and all other persons affected directly or indirectly by its activities. Every employee of GOU has the responsibility to follow safe working practices and to have a genuine concern for the health and safety of all persons on GOU Centre premises that may be affected. 

Health and Safety Procedure*

In case of a Fire:  A Fire Alarm will automatically set on ringing and you will need to exit from the building following Fire Exit routes. Wherever you may be inside the building, you must take the closest exit.

Internal Verification Policy*

IQA’s should focus on the accuracy and consistency of assessors’ judgements against the requirements of the Awarding Body. IQA’s must ensure that accurate, auditable records of assessment are maintained.

GOU have very strict IQA Policy to ensure the quality.

Malpractice Policy*

Malpractice consists of those acts which undermine the integrity and validity of assessment, the certification of qualifications and/or damage the authority of those responsible for conducting the assessment certification.

Network Acceptable Use Policy*

This policy applies to all users of any IT resources owned, leased or borrowed by GOU (the “University”), whether they be located at the main office site or Centre site or at a remote centre site. (“Users” include all students, staff and visitors).

Peer Observation Policy*

What is Peer Observation of Teaching? Peer observation of teaching for development purposes is: “A collaborative and reciprocal process whereby one peer observes another’s teaching (actual or virtual) and provides supportive and constructive feedback.

Public Information Policy*

This policy and procedure has been formulated to manage information published in electronic or printed form. This may refer to academic programmes, services, university strategy and policies.
Premises and Facilities*

The aim of the University is to provide and maintain a safe environment that is resourced and accessible to all staff and students of the GOU. The GOU attempts to cater for and provide adequate space for the many different learning and teaching styles and techniques available in different centres.

Quality Assurance Policy*

GOU is committed to the achievement of excellence in all its provision and services through a process of continuous improvement and the maintenance of high standards.

Registration and Certification Policy*

To register individual learners to the correct programme within agreed timescales, to claim valid learner certificates within agreed timescales and to construct a secure, accurate and accessible audit trail to ensure that individual learner registration and certification claims can be tracked to the certificate which is issued for each learner.

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy*

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a method of assessment [leading to the award of credit] that considers whether learners can demonstrate that they can meet the assessment requirements for a unit through knowledge, understanding or skills they already possess and so not need to develop through a course of learning.

Special Consideration and Reasonable Adjustments*

GOU is committed to the fair treatment of students at all times and recognises that there are sometimes circumstances beyond the control of the student that may have an impact on their level of ability whilst undertaking assessment.

Student Support Policy*

GOU is committed to ensuring that all students are provided with both academic and pastoral support in order to fulfil their academic and personal potential.  GOU has adopted a student centred approach to the delivery of education which caters for individual needs.

Student/Staff Complaints Procedure*

GOU recognises that differences and complaints can arise from time to time and therefore has a fair and equitable process for dealing with employee or student complaints. 

Standardisation Policy*

Standardisation is a process to ensure that assessment criteria for a qualification, unit or component are applied consistently by assessors, moderators and verifiers.

Staff Development Policy*

GOU is committed to the training and development of all staff in line with the stated strategic plan of the College. In so doing, the University recognizes the importance of the contribution made by all employees in achieving these aims.

Student Exam Policy*

What if I do not pass an exam? There are three circumstances which can lead to a student not passing an exam: 1. Fail an exam taken. 2. The exam has been missed with extenuating circumstances. 3. The exam has been missed without extenuating circumstances.
Student Assignment Submission Policy*

What if I fail a module? There are four circumstances which can lead to a student not passing an assignment: 1. Plagiarism has been proved 2. The work is not to the required standard (Referred) 3. The submission deadline has been missed with extenuating circumstances. 4. Non-submission without extenuating circumstances.

Teaching and Learning Strategy*

At GOU teaching and learning is our first priority in order to achieve ‘all round excellence’. Teaching and learning is central to the success of our students and we are committed to delivering excellent teaching and learning to enable all students to maximise their potential.

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