Diploma in Business and Management Level -2


Diploma in Business and Management aims to equip learners with sound knowledge of business environment, administrative procedures, customer care, policies and knowledge of how to succeed in business and management role. It assumes no prior knowledge of business, management or administrative skills therefore it provides an all-encompassing knowledge of business environment, management skills, financial operations, customer care skills, and communication skills. These units have been designed to provide learners with the knowledge of how to apply themselves in work, and be able to know how to progress their careers in administration and management.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the qualification, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the effectiveness of team working within the oragnisation.
  • Understand the performance within the business environment.
  • Identify the importance of managing finance.
  • Understand management analysis for business environment.
  • Understand the principles of good customer service and to provide good customer care.
  • Understand organisation policies to deal with customer requirements.
  • Understand different ways of communication.
  • Understand methods to communicate information within the oragnisation.
  • Understand needs and wants of the customer in new business.
  • Understand how to market products or services in business.
  • Know how to sell products and services.



The course is structured as follows:

Unit 1: Business and Management Skills (10 credits)
Unit 2: Customer Service Management (10 credits)
Unit 3: Communication Skills (10 units)
Unit 4: Marketing and Sales (10 credits)

Qualification Breakdown (Awards, Certificate and Diploma)

  • EBMA Level 2 Award in Business and Management Skillsis awarded on completion of Unit 1.

  • EBMA Level 2 Award in Customer Service Managementis awarded on completion of Unit 2.

  • EBMA Level 2 Award in Communication Skillsis awarded on completion of Unit 3.

  • EBMA Level 2 Award in Marketing and Salesis awarded on completion of Unit 4.

  • EBMA Level 2 Certificate in Business and Managementis awarded on completion of any two units.

  • EBMA Level 2 Diploma in Business and Managementis awarded on completion of above four units.

In order to pass a unit, a learner must pass all assessment criteria to achieve learning outcomes. Assessment methods can be Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) or Short Questions.


Entry Requirements

EBMA does not specify entry requirements for this qualification. Applicants will be interviewed by centres with their perior learning or skills to allow entry in this qualification.

Diploma in Business and Management offers career progression and excellent levels of support for learners that include:

  • Positive, constructive and helpful advice;
  • Practicality;
  • Realistic aims and outcomes;
  • Impartial and Client Centred;
  • Progression to EBMA Level 3 Diploma in Business and Administration.

    This qualification provides a sound introduction to the world of business, and users of this qualification will be able to progress into a variety of careers including:

  • Office Manager
  • Administrative Officer
  • Receptionist
  • Customer Service Officer