Diploma in Business and Administration Level-3


Diploma in Business and Administration aims to equip learners with sound knowledge, understanding and ability to manage internal and external business environment, information systems, people and resources within the organisation.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the qualification, learners will be able to:

  • Understand a range of business functions.
  • Understand the impact of external forces on business activity.
  • Identify how to maintain effective information systems.
  • Identity the role of leadership and management within the organisation.
  • Manage human resources, IT resources and financial resources.


The course is structured as follows:

Credit Value: 80
Minimum credit to be achieved at, or above, the level of the qualification: 40

Unit 1: Business Environment (20 credits)
Unit 2: Administrative Information Systems (20 credits)
Unit 3: Managing and Supervising People (20 units)
Unit 4: Managing Resource and Budget (20 credits)


In order to pass a unit, a learner must pass all assessment criteria to achieve learning outcome of the unit. Centre can use a range of assessment methods to assess learners’ performance, for example, use examination, assignment, case study or presentation.

Entry Requirements

Learners must fulfil the following criteria to be permitted entry on to the course:

  • NQF or QCF Level 2 or equivalentor
  • Any overseas qualification deemed equivalent to one of the above.



Diploma in Business and Administration offers career progression and excellent levels of support for learners that include:

  • Positive, constructive and helpful advice;
  • Practicality;
  • Realistic aims and outcomes;
  • Impartial and Client Centred;
  • Progression to the University Bachelor degree qualification or Level 4 Diploma in Administrative Management;

This qualification provides a sound introduction to the world of business, and users of this qualification will be able to progress into a variety of careers including:

  • Office Manager or Supervisor
  • Team Manager or Supervisor
  • Administration Officer/Administrator
  • Senior Administration Officer
  • Customer Service Officer
  • Customer Service Manager