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Global United Network Sdn Bhd is registered company in Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) under online Education & Training programs. Global United Network is one of the country’s leading skills training providers, with its main priority of empowering possibilities in creating a knowledgeable community that is resourceful, competitive and productive in meeting the ever accelerating demands of the industry. We continue to enhance our competitive standing in the growth markets of the future through our core business operations that offer IT and Business Skills programs, as well as professional Solution Services to be aligned with our clients’ business development and competitive needs. In Global United Network , everything we do is about empowering possibilities. We empower ourselves to establish trusted and long term partnerships with our clients, dedicated in delivering client value and being progressive individuals and staff. Having been in the industry for more than a decade, we continue to transform ourselves through strengthening Global United Network’s portfolio by consistently determining how we can contribute measurable value and assistance towards our clients’ successes. Whether you are looking for ways to expedite products to market, perk-up customer service, or fortify your balance sheet, Global United Network has the solutions for you. Global United Network offers flexibility to its clients who may find customized training a more relevant and cost-effective solution for their environment. Global United Network provides advanced training to the corporations throughout Malaysia UAE, Lithuania, Canada, Pakistan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Africa. Our expertise and vast experience in this industry make Global United Network the preferred training provider to turn to when you want a single end-to-end, trusted source of skills set competencies for IT and Business skills provider. Today, Global United Network has remained responsive to clients’ new needs. As technology and skills are updated, we update our existing courses to reflect the change. We continue to be customer focused in providing extra integrated benefits for the customers’ current business with a view to the future. Over the years in the training industry, we have trained numerous software developers, network specialists, managers and executives of some of the largest companies in Malaysia,UAE and Canada, Pakistan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Africa. . Our ever growing client list just goes to show our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction

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