Bachelor of Applied Management

The Bachelor of Applied Management is designed for managers to develop their management and vocational education skills.

The First Stage will provide the students with general management skills. The Second Stage will develop their technical skills in the fields they are working in, while the Third Stage will expand their core Finance Marketing and HR knowledge and apply it to their work organisations needs.

Stage I – Diploma of Management

The Diploma of Management is flexible and open, providing choice of which common skills are required and by allowing skills to be included from basically any industry area.

Subject List – All 8 Subjects to be completed

BSBMGT515A           Manage operational plan

BSBWOR501B          Manage personal work priorities and professional development

BSBOHS509A           Ensure a safe workplace

BSBCUS501A           Manage quality customer service

BSBPMG510A           Manage projects

BSBFLM503B           Manage effective workplace relationships

BSBFLM509B           Facilitate Continuous Improvement

BSBWOR502A          Ensure Team Effectiveness

Stage II – Electives – 12 to be selected from the following:

Introduction to Business

Introduction to Quantitative Methods

Introduction to Accounting

Introduction to Business Communication


Organisational Behaviour


Business Communications


Human Resource Management

Quantitative Methods

Managerial Accounting

Principles of Business Law

Systems Analysis

Systems Analysis and Programs

Software Engineering

Business Information Systems

Information Systems Principles and Networking

Information Systems, Analysis and Design

Advanced Programming

Plus any other subject deemed relevant by the Course Director

Stage III – Three Independent Study Projects

Human Resource Management



Research Methodology used in the above Independent Study Programs will also be assessed.

The candidate will be examined in these subjects by the writing of three 8000 – 10,000 word thesis.

The students may enrol into Master of Business or Management programs with  Global Open University,St Clements Private Swiss University, St Clements University Higher Education School or St Clements University – Somalia and have the work completed for these Stage III Units included as Units for these degrees.