Advance Diploma in Business Administration

The Advanced Diploma in Business Administration meets the needs of those who wish to gain a broad understanding of how administration is applied in organisations. It identifies the key characteristics of managing information systems, business analysis techniques, internal and external business structures, management control, financial management and management behaviour. It aims to develop learners’ critical thinking and problem solving skills. 
Learners undertaking this qualification will learn the basics of research including identification of a suitable research question, defining and refining research methodologies, conducting and analysing research. 
At the end of this programme, learners will be able to, 
Develop administrative skills to manage information systems within the organisation.
Develop problem solving techniques and critical thinking skills in a business situation. 
Demonstrate an understanding of internal structure and external relationship for companies doing business at an international level. 
Demonstrate an understanding of the management control and planning. 
Examine the concept of entrepreneurship including behaviours, processes and skills relate to small business and enterprise.
  • Manage budget and perform financial analysis to the organisations for effective decision making.
  • Manage complex issues in the organisation to improve management practice.
  • Perform environmental analysis for strategic marketing decision making to implement strategy.
  • Develop managerial and leadership skills to manage team performance.
  • Gain knowledge about the advanced economic literature and legal systems in which business operate.
  • Develop, test, implement and monitor a new project within an organisation.
  • Understand human resource techniques and tools to manage employees’ performance and retention.
  • Apply research methodologies for effective decision making.
  • Develop an ability to analyse information and to identify research question and to apply advanced research techniques and tools to create new literature which is justifiable and measureable.
Learners need to complete twelve units to a total of 240 credits to achieve the Advanced Diploma in Business Administration.
Mandatory Units:
Unit 01   Designing Administrative Information Systems (20 Credits)
Unit 02   Management Behaviour (20 Credits)
Unit 03   Financial Analysis (20 Credits)
Unit 04   International Business (20 Credits)Optional Units: Eight units can be drawn from the following list:
Unit 05   Enterprise Development and Business Planning (20 Credits)
Unit 06   Strategic Management and Leadership (20 Credits)
Unit 07   Macroeconomics (20 Credits)
Unit 08   Human Resource Development (20 Credits)
Unit 09   Managerial Finance (20 Credits)
Unit 10   Management Planning (20 Credits)
Unit 11   Management of Sales Force (20 Credits)
Unit 12   Strategic Marketing Management (20 Credits)
Unit 13   Business Strategy (20 Credits)
Unit 14   Company Law (20 Credits)
Unit 15   Managing Project (20 Credits)
Modules are typically assessed by individual assessment.
The methods for assessing student performance can be broadly summarised under coursework and examination by following instructions for coursework and examinations. Both categories of assessment tool have particular functions within the learning experience of students and can be used to evaluate different aspects of learning outcomes.
 70%   an examination for each unit at the end of each unit.
30% an assignment of 2000-2500 words of each unit.
Assessments are internally marked and moderated by the Centre and externally moderated by EBMA. 
Entry Requirements
Learner(s) must fulfil the following criteria to be allowed entry to EBMA Advanced Diploma;
2 ‘A’ Levels plus four GCSE with 2 years relevant work experience
EBMA Level 3 Certificate in Administrative Management OR
Any qualification equivalent to one of the above
Advanced diploma in business administration prepares learners to their ideal career in business administration and management.
Learners may apply to University to complete BA (Hons.) degree in business administration or management.