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Admission procedure

Step 1: Application

All the students intending to apply for admission to Global Open University Academic programmes have to fill up an Application Form. Please check the entry qualification requirement for the programme interested in. The complete application form to be submitted together with the following relevant documents

Documents required for Admission

  1. O-Level/ A-Level / Diploma / Degree certificate and transcripts or results   photocopies including secondary and/or higher secondary school transcripts and certificates photocopies. And must be certified true copy.
  2. 5 copies of passport size photograph.
  3.  I/C photocopy / Passport copy
  4. CV (Postgraduate Students only)
  5. Motivation Letter (2-3 page personal statement)
  6. Proof of English Language
  7. Scratch Card (Only for African Countries)
  8. 75GBP  – Registration Fee for all programmes  ( Exempted in 2015)

more information please contact: admissions@globalou.com

Step 2: Offer Letter

Once we have received your application and all supporting documents, the University will then review the application and if successful an Offer Letter will be forwarded to the student by email or post. There is no charge in 2015 to issue an offer letter to the eligible students. In order to accept an offer from the University, students will be required to pay the course fees, as described in the offer letter.

Step 3: Payment

Fee can be paid by online with following method please check the Fee Structure

  • Debit & Credit Card
  • Paypal

Step 4: Acceptance Letter

Student: Minimum 35% of the first year course fees have to be paid before the Acceptance Letter is issued. Outstanding course fees have to be paid in monthly instalments. Once we receive the course fees, you will be issued an Acceptance Letter.

Step 5: Awarding Body Registration

Registration with the University is separate from the registration with the Awarding Body. All students are required to register with the Awarding Body from which they will get the award. Registration fee with the Awarding Body is not included in the Course Fees. Awarding body fees have to be paid at course commencement.

Please note that your application will not be processed if these documents are not submitted.

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